Chinese Academy of Sciences tour comes to Tibet for the first time

The Lhasa part of the Chinese Academy of Sciences' annual Science and Technology Innovation Tour opened on the June25th at the Tibet Natural Science Museum. The theme for the event is "Innovation drives development, science and technology guides the future". This is the first time the  academy's Science and Technology Innovation Tour has come to the snow-covered plateau.

The purpose of this particular tour is to satisfy the large numbers of primary and secondary school students with an interest in and curiosity about science and technology. On the opening day, the tour attracted hundreds of members of public, including many primary and secondary school students.

Wang Ping,  who is in charge  of the Tibet Autonomous Region's Science and Technology Department, said that Tibet  will use this event to further bring into play the Chinese Academy of Sciences' advantages in innovation, scientific communication, academic exchange, talent development and other areas. It will help promote the development of science and technology education in Tibet, and create favorable conditions for building an innovative Tibet.

Since the Chinese Academy of Sciences launched the annual Science and Technology Innovation Tour in 2012, it has already covered 24 provinical regions, amassing over 5 million visitors.