Hefei sets up special exam site for inland Tibetan class candidates

A special exam site for 74 students of inland Tibetan class was set up in Hefei, capital of Anhui province in Eastern China, for the 2017 college entrance examination, according to the Hefei Education Examination Institute.

It is reported that the 74 students are the first graduates of the Hefei Tibetan class, with 34 studying arts and 40 sciences. The students took their college entrance examination in the Hefei Jinhu School on June 6 and 7. Besides, they also have to take part in a Tibetan language exam on the morning of June 9.

Wang Bin from the Hefei Education Examination Institute said that the Tibetan language exam papers will be sent by the Tibet Education Department to the Hefei Education Examination Institute, and once the exam is over the papers will be sent back to the Tibet Education Department for marking. Papers for other subjects will be marked by Anhui Province along with all the other candidates.