Tibet enters 'optical network era'


All five cities and two prefectures of Southwest China’s Tibet Autonomous Region have reached standards required for an “optical network city” by the end of 2016, marking the start of “optical network city” era in Tibet.  

According to reports, the two indicators for becoming an “optical network city” in Tibet Autonomous Region are: an optical network coverage rate of 397% and optical ports must account for 91% in a city.

According to the plan, Tibet will continue to increase investment into broadband network infrastructure to promote optical broadband access and improve access rates in government agencies, schools, health care institutions, industrial parks, commercial buildings, hotels and other units.

Through all these efforts, Tibet strives to reach 70% coverage of 20M or above fixed broadband access and 30% coverage of 50M or above fixed broadband users across the region by the end of this year.