Old photographs show Tibetans’ life in 1982

Tibetan nomads and new homes in Tibetan style. [Photo/Jinri Shenzhou] 

A pair of Tibetan newlyweds, descendants of serfs. The groom, Tsering Dorje, was a driver with Tibet Meteorological Station. The bride, Yuzhen, was assigned to work at the Lhasa Post and Telecommunications Building after graduating from Sichuan University.  [Photo/Jinri Shenzhou] 

Children of a community primary school were attending an abacus lesson.  [Photo/Jinri Shenzhou]   

Villagers from a village in Yadong County, Shigatse spent 2,000 yuan on buying a tractor.  [Photo/Jinri Shenzhou]   

A power station in Lhoka went into operation.  [Photo/Jinri Shenzhou] 

Cucumbers imported from the interior were growing well inside a plastic greenhouse.[Photo/Jinri Shenzhou]