Bome Peach Valley: China’s largest

Bome Peach Valley in Nyingchi’s Bome County was recently named as “China’s largest peach valley” by the Shanghai Guinness World headquarters. Bome Peach Valley starts from roughly 10km west of Bome County town and wild peaches can be seen everywhere. The peaches blossom in March-April every year and spread for 40-50 kilometers.

Bome Peach Valley covers an area of about 155 square kilometers and has an average altitude of 2,740 meters. The warm moist Indian Ocean air flows along the Brahmaputra into the Parlung Tsangpo River, which brings a typical southern climate to Bome. It has abundant rainfall and fertile soils.

The wild peach trees, at 6-14 meters high, with a crown width of 8x8 to 12x12 meters and maximum diameter of 1.43 meters, are visible from all over.

According to expert’s estimates, there are 180,000-200,000 Prunis mira trees in Bome Peach Valley. Analysis shows that 70 percent of the Prunis mira trees in the valley are around 360 years, with the oldest being 680 years.

Bome is known as the “Glacier Town”,“Tibetan King’s Hometown”, also “Peach World”. Since 2002 every March Nyingchi holds the grand “Peach blossom Cultural Tourism Festival”, attracting numerous tourists to Nyingchi for travel and photography.