"Internet + Tibet intangible cultural heritages" Alibaba activity held in Hangzhou

Recently, the "Internet+Tibet intangible cultural heritages" Alibaba activity, which is organized by the Industry and Information Technology Department and Culture Department of Tibet Autonomous Region, and hosted by Alibaba Group and Tibet E-commerce Company, has been held in Hangzhou.

About 10 exquisite items of intangible cultural heritages including Tibetan opera, Thangka, color sand mandala, song and dance are exhibited during this activity. 28 inheritors conductlive demonstrations. In addition, intangible cultural heritages are exhibited and sold online synchronously and correspondent skills are broadcasted, attracting a large number of Hangzhou citizens.

During the three-day activity, click volume of internet platform breaks through 6 million person-times. Peak current users of Alibaba live broadcast are over 50000 people. China Tibet pavilion on Taobao launches 68 featured products and its orders exceed 30000 pieces.

Zhou Hongyang, deputy director of the Culture Department of Tibet Autonomous Region, says that cultural industry is one of the industries with most innovative potential and it plays an important role in improving China and Tibet Autonomous Region’scomprehensive competitive power. Practice shows that cultural creative industry depends on not only professional technology but also scientific and technological innovation. Tibetan culture is an important part of Chinese culture and all mankind culture.

The protection, inheritance and development of Tibet's intangible cultural heritages are meaningful to protect ethnic culture and enhance national unity. We should set up platforms for the propagation and communication of Tibetan culture, promote the innovation and sales of intangible cultural products and derivatives, and carry forward Tibet's traditional culture and featured cultural industry.