A family got rid of poverty celebrates Kongpo Losar

Every year on Sep. 30 of the Tibetan calendar the people of Nyingchi are particularly busy, as this is the day they do final preparations for the Kongpo Losar.   

“This year’s New Year preparations are the most lavish,” the hostess Phianchung said, “dozens of pounds of Tibetan pork, a large box of drinks, as well as fruit and nuts….”

This year is of particular significance, for Dawa Tro’s family, Karma village in Bujam town, Bayi District, as it is their first New Year out of poverty.  

“In the past they were a notoriously poor family in the village due to their lack of education and skills,” said Gelek Phuntsok from the Bayi Publicity Department. In 2016 Dawa Tro’s family became the target of precision poverty alleviation efforts.   

Dawa Tro and his wife have three children. Dawa Tro and his elder son are both migrant workers, but due to their low level of education, they can only find temporary physical labor jobs, which are unstable with a low income. His frail wife Phianchung is busy with the housework and taking care of their two daughters who are still at school.

Last year, with help of the Poverty Alleviation work group, Dorje attended a driving course and successfully obtained his driving license. Nowadays, hard-working Dorje is busy transporting goods, from which income is stable and much higher than in the past.

Dawa Tro uses his time off to work at various construction sites nearby. Together with local forest resource collecting and ecological posts, he can bring in 30,000 yuan of income every year.

In 2016 Dawa Tro’s family income has already reached tens of thousands of yuan. In October this year they successfully got rid of poverty.

In their newly decorated living room, Dawa Tro talks about the origins of the Kongpo Losar, while sharing the groundbreaking changes of his family. His simple words reveal his gratitude towards the nation’s favorable policies.    

In the past, not all of his families could afford Kongpo Tibetan costumes at New Year due to family difficulties. This year Phianchung made a new set of Tibetan costumes for everyone.

She said: “We have more family income, which gives New Year a better taste than in the past.”

As the sun sets, Dawa Tro’s families put on their new costumes and enjoy New Year dinner. “Tashi delek!” as they raise glasses together.