High-tech monitoring system for Tibet's grassland

Recently, the Natural Disaster and Pasture Growth Monitoring System for Tibet's plateau grassland has launched.

The system was jointly developed by Chinese Academy of Meteorological Science and the Climate Center of Tibet Autonomous Region.

It will enhance the disaster prevention and resilience capacity of Tibet's agricultural and livestock industry, and provide meteorological support service for the construction of ecology culture in Tibet.    

The system used conventional meteorological data and remote-sensing data, and geographic information technology, remote-sensing technology, databases technology as well as computer techniques to research and develop a software for monitoring natural disasters and the growth of pastures on Tibet's plateau grassland.  

The system is composed of two parts: basic data and products. It features the auto download of full-capacity historical data over 16 days, the data output of all types of indices for drought and pasture growth, and the generation of vegetation index for nearly 16 days.    

According to experts, after the system launches, it will not only monitor natural disasters and the growth of pastures on Tibet's plateau grassland, but also help generate efficiently various drought and pasture growth indices, like for vegetation indices, water level in the ground surface, soil moisture level, soil drought level, vegetation status, as the special service products.

In addition, the system will provide policy-making support for all levels of the government and related agencies in learning about the latest in pasture growth, scientific ways to curb herding and animal-culling, and other ecological protection measures, etc.