Tibetan delegation visits Australia

From June 10 to 13, Lobsang Gyaltsen, chairman of Tibet Autonomous Region, led a delegation to visit Australia, Guangming Daily reported.

During their visit to Sydney, Lobsang Gyaltsen held talks with Ajaka, a representative of the governor of New South Wales, and Mant, the mayor of Sydney and a city councilor.

Lobsang Gyaltsen said that China and Australia are important countries in the Asia-Pacific region, as well as being important partners. Tibet Autonomous Region is a beneficiary of the deepening relations between the two countries, as collaboration on medicine, public services, agriculture technology, and other fields have actively enhanced the development of the Tibet Autonomous Region.

Ajaka and Mant each welcomed Lobsang Gyaltsen, affirming the friendly relations between China and Australia, and expressing their willingness to open up more extensive exchange and cooperation with Tibet Autonomous Region.

During the visit to Canberra, the delegation went on special field trips to local farms, discussing agricultural management, operations, and other topics with farmers.