Men’s basketball team welcomes first NBL game of the season in Lhasa

The Lhasa Pure Land team welcomed the 2016 NBL season opener in Lhasa, playing at home against the Eastern Army on May 29th, according to the the Lhasa Pure Land men’s basketball team.

It is understood that the number of teams in the NBL league this year has increased from 9 to 14, and the 3 games every two weeks from last season has changed to 3 games per one week, increasing the number of regular season games from 72 to 182 and playoff games from 23 to 37, a total of 219 games, with the finals format changing from a best of five series to a best of seven series.

It is understood that this year, the Lhasa Pure Land men’s basketball team is in NBL training, earning the second spot in a skills competition, second in shooting, and second in overall team test. In order to prepare, the team has also been specially introduced to players with extensive CBA playing experience such as Wang Dayong and others. 

Tsetan Dorje, chairman of the Lhasa Pure Land men’s basketball club, said, “The 2015 NBL opening ceremony and inaugural game held in Lhasa broke the record for the world’s highest home basketball game. The Pure Land men’s basketball team has already applied for a Guinness world record, and we will receive the announcement of the results soon.”

Pre-sale ticket prices for this game cost 88 yuan, 200 yuan, and 398 yuan, and fans can purchase tickets at the Liuwu District Lhasa People’s Culture and Sports Center Stadium.

In 2015, Tibet’s first professional basketball team, the Lhasa Pure Land men’s team, was created, filling the professional basketball club vacancy that had previously existed in Tibet. At the same time, it became the seventh team in the NBL, earning good results as an All-China First Class team.