Injured Tibet earthquake victims stable in hospital

The 12 people severely injured in Wednesday morning's earthquake in Tibet are in a stable condition, local health officials said on Friday.

A total of 69 people sustained injuries when the earthquake struck Dengqen County in Tibet's Qamdo City.

More than 40 doctors have been sent from Lhasa and other cities to treat the injured, said Chen Yudong, deputy director of Qamdo's health bureau.

Kata Township was the epicenter of the quake. Dozens of tents have been set up there for residents whose houses were damaged.

The Kata town elementary school usually suspends classes for a month at this time of year and arranges for students to join their parents in digging for caterpillar fungus, a bacterial growth that is valued as an herbal remedy and important to the local economy.

About 54 students whose homes were damaged in the earthquake are staying in tents on the campus.

Armed police and disaster relief personnel are still clearing debris and assessing damages.

The quake, which was strongly felt in several townships across Dengqen County, caused houses to collapse and damaged bridges and roads.