Mount Qomolangma Scenic Spot to Practice Online Ticketing Services

Recently, according to the tourism department in Dingri County of Shigatse City, starting from April 1, the Mount Qomolangma Scenic Spot’s ticket office location has changed and ticket prices have been adjusted toward the high-season prices. 

Online Ticket Office is opening soon

“In order to improve the service quality in the Mount Qomolangma base camp and create convenience for tourists from home and abroad, from April 1, 2016, tickets to Mount Qomolangma will be sold and scanned at the entrance of the Qomolangma National Park Scenic Spot. Apart from the Dingri County, there will be no ticket offices and agencies erected in any other places.” A responsible official from The Department of Tourism of the Dingri County of the Shigatse City said, “When going to the Mount Qomolangma Scenic Spot, tourists can make a phone call to the consulting telephone number - 0892-8263013 before hand to learn about the road situation and weather conditions.”

With the purpose of providing a better service to extensive tourists, the Mount Qomolangma Scenic Spot is going to open online ticketing services, including online hotel booking services. Details can be found on the“Mount Qomolangma Travel Announcement” official Wechat authorized by the Department of Tourism of the Dingri County of Shigatse City. 

Mount Qomolangma Tourist Complex will be completed and in service in May of this year

The activity“Winter Travel to Tibet, Joys on Mount Qomolangma”has been very popular to the tourists since it was carried out in November of 2014. This activity starts on November 1 every year and finishes on March 31 of the coming  year, during which, all the tourists can enjoy a half-price ticket promotion. At the same time, the star hotels and some of the home-stays run by the local farmers and herdsmen will open and apply low-season ticket prices. From April of the coming year, the scenic spot will restore the high-season ticket prices to 180 yuan per person.

“The all-in-one functional Mount Qomolangma Tourist Complex including medical assistance, accommodation, shopping centers… is going to be completed and in service in May of this year, this will be a great convenience for tourists," the responsible official explained. 

Tourism Department reminds you of bringing with you the “two certificates” when coming to visit Mount Qomolangma

“When traveling to Mount Qomolangma, you must bring with you your personal ID card and border-pass permit, of which, your border-pass permit can be either processed at the police office at the place where your residence is registered, or applied at the ‘Bangmianmeiduo’ Woman Visa Office of the Police Border Defense Corps of Tibet; the border-pass permit can also be processed by travel agencies organizing group-tourism to Tibet; in the section regarding the destination of your visit you must write ‘Qomolangma’.”, an official from the Department of Tourism in Dingri County of Shigatse City said, “there is a big temperature difference between daytime and nighttime, tourists are noted to be careful with their clothing; before going on the trip, they must bring cold medicines; apart from this, the climate in Dingri County is very dry, the tourists coming to Tibet from the South are recommended to prepare some heat-clearing infusion; because the ultraviolet  radiation in Tibet is quite strong and the climate is particular, the tourists traveling to Mount Qomolangma are recommended to bring with them some necessary things such as sun cream, sun hats, lip balms and sun glasses.

Note: 1 dollar equals 6.2 yuan.