Tibet establishes first youth basketball team

On March 1st, the Lhasa Pure Land male basketball youth team, the first youth basketball team of Tibet, was established with the support from the basketball club, according to the Lhasa Pure Land Basketball club.

The Chairman of the Lhasa Pure Land male basketball club, Tsedan Dorji, indicated that, after half a year of careful preparation, through different procedures such as resume screening, training, physical examination, the youth team was formally established, it is composed of 12 players, amongst which, 10 players are Tibetans.

The Lhasa Pure Land male youth basketball team has rushed towards the winter training course held by the Basketball Management Center of the State Sports General Administration in the city of Qinhuangdao in Hebei Province, receiving training regarding physical stamina, strength, and tactics. The team will also have competitions with other teams.

Last year in May, the first professional basketball team of Tibet – the Lhasa Pure Land male basketball team was established, therein filling the gap of missing a professional basketball team in Tibet. During the 2015 NBL sports competition season, the Lhasa Pure Land team won the nationwide seventh place manifesting the Tibetan professional basketball team’s style. In September of the same year, the Lhasa Pure Land football team was also established.