Tibetan farmers and herders' income grows by 12 pct

 China's southwestern Tibet region reported 12 percent growth in the per capita disposal income of farmers and herders last year, the local government said Thursday.

The per capita disposal income rose to 8,244 yuan (1,263 U.S. dollars), maintaining double-digit growth for 13 consecutive years.

Farmers and herders account for more than 80 percent of Tibet's population and the main work of local authorities is to improve their conditions and income.

Over the past five years, the local government has channelled 78.7 billion yuan to farming and stock breeding.

Development of other industries helped create jobs and boost income.

The authorities also helped to arrange surplus labor to work in other industries. More than 600,000 migrants sent back over 2 billion yuan to Tibet.

Losang, who works for a water plant in Damxung County, said he earned more than 50,000 yuan a year and with this he built a new house.

Last year, the plateau region reported 11-percent GDP growth, the fastest in the country.