Lhasa opens government service hotline 12345

Lhasa [Photo/Agencies]
Lhasa [Photo/Agencies]

Lhasa has recently opened a government service hotline 12345, Xinhua reported.

The hotline implements a Tibetan/Mandarin bilingual attendant 24 hour on-duty system, ensuring that more than 95 percent of calls are serviced. It is available for matters related to daily life, travel accommodations, counseling and other non-emergency government services and public works.

It is said that the telephone service assistant fills a worksheet out and sends it to the appropriate government department, which will later corresponds with the public within one hour. Governmental consultation appeals can be answered within three working days and assistance service requests within seven working days. After the matter is settled, the operator will revisit the matter 100 percent and then will submit the results to related departments for supervision.

The 12345 hotline conducted a test run on Jun. 1 this year. Up to Nov. 30, a total of 5,662 public calls were taken, and the satisfaction rate was 99.79 percent.

Wu Yasong, vice mayor of Lhasa, said the opening of the government service hotline 12345 will greatly facilitate assistance for the general public.