Number of graded Thangka painters reaches 99 in Tibet

The Department of Culture of Tibet Autonomous Region recently nominated 33 graded Thangka painters. They said their fine works would not only be worshipped by temples and devotees but also enter the artwork collection market to meet the needs of the Thangka enthusiasts in the form of customized service.

Of the total 33 graded Thangka painters, four are of the first grade, 19 second grade and 10 third grade. The total number of graded Thangka painters in Tibet reaches 99.

Khedrup Dorje, rated as the first-grade Thangka painter, just turns 20 years old, but has already had six years of experience in Thangka painting. He told the reporter that the price of Thangka paintings mainly depends on their artistry, and paint selection, exquisiteness and theme are also key factors to determine the price.

"With the rapid development of tourism in Tibet, Thangka paintings, as one of the representatives of excellent Tibetan culture, are being increasingly favored by collectors at home and abroad," said Khedrup Dorje, "as long as the subscribers from home and abroad make clear the theme and style of the Thangka paintings they want, we will create tailored works for them."