Inaugural China Film Festival closes in Italy; Tharlo wins Best Picture

The four-day-long inaugural China Film Festival in Italy drew to a close on September 18th in Milan. Tibetan director Pema Tseden received the most prestigious Best Picture Award for his movie Tharlo.

The festival judges believed the film had a unique perspective and subject, and was able to use a sophisticated and succinct film language to portray the endless cycle of life, desire, and emotions in the mysterious land of Tibet, China.

Just like earlier works by Pema Tseden, Tharlo featured a Tibetan subject. Based on a short story by Pema Tseden, the film was shot in Guide, Tongde, and Guinan in Qinghai Province. The film protagonist is a simple and kind herdsman named Tharlo. He lives a lonely life and vowed to serve the people. But as he followed his dream to the city, and after encountering the girl of his dreams, cruel reality dashed his hopes. Tibetan poet, actor, and musician Shidé Nyima played the lead role of Tharlo.