The “northernmost” Buddhist stupaappears in Russia

The northernmost Buddhist Bodhi Stupa in the world which is located in Apatity of Russia (1700 km away from Moscow to the north) has been completed. According the Russian Radio and Television channel and radio station TB-21, the eminent Tibetan Buddhist monk arrived to Apatity and held the consecration ceremony for the “Bodhi Stupa”.

The Bodhi stupa started to be constructed in 2014 under the promotion and support of the local entrepreneurs and brothers Oleg Belyaev and Igor Belyaev. The Buddhist stupa is a Buddhist religious architecture. The Bodhi Stupa is one of the 8 main kinds of Buddhist tower structures symbolizing the main purpose of Buddhist observing and acting.

The Russian Lama, Nicolas Akhmerov, one of the very few Tibetan-Russian translators in the world, was in charge of accompanying and translating for Lama Baima Gyatso Rinpoche who was visiting Russia this time. He said: “Buddhism has several centuries of history in Russia and has been a very well-known religion in Russia. The first Buddhist temple in Europe was built in 1913 in Saint Petersburg. Therefore, Buddhism is already considered as a traditional religion within Russia. ”