Animation industrial base opens in Tibet

Launching ceremony of project “Tibet Animation Industrial Base’s Opening Ceremony and ‘King Ge-sar’ Animation” was held at the Broadcast Hall in Tibet Autonomous Region’s Newspaper and Publication Center on August 20th.

The event was jointly hosted by the Party Publicity Department of Tibet Autonomous Region, the Press and Publication Bureau of Radio and Television of Tibet Autonomous Region, and the Agency for Cultural Affairs of Tibet Autonomous Region.

Phase one of the project uses traditional Tibetan folklore to create and release animation and film products to promote Tibetan culture and boosting Tibetan and Han ethnic unity. Major projects from Phase one include: Aku Tenpa, King Ge-sar, Eight Major TibetanOperas, and Songtsen Gampo.

Phase two will primarily have animation and film products for children to serve early education, language learning, Tibetan culture education, etc., in order to improve people’s level of education, popularize the Tibetan language, elevate Tibetans’ ethnic language ability, as well as other social benefits.

Most projects in Phase two will focus on Tibetan folklore, Tibetan mottos, Tibetan tourism, ethnic Tibetan products, historical Tibetan animation, Tibetan culture, Tibetan-learning, Mandarin-learning, and English-learning, etc.

The industrial base will serve as a combined cultural industry production base featuring the production, release, and development of all animation and related products, as well as cinematography and tourism in Tibet, with the following areas: film and animation industrial base, animation plaza, VR experience center, Tibetan culture corridor, Tibetan ethniccostume research and development base, and animation institute, etc.