President of China's Buddhist Association opens Italian Weibo

Recently Xue Cheng, President of China's Buddhist Association, has officially added Italian to his multilingual Weibo. This is the 13th language Xue Cheng has added to his Weibo and follows Chinese, English, German, French, Japanese, Russian, Korean, Spanish, Thai, Tibetan, Vietnamese and Mongolian.

Xue Cheng said, “the ideal of coexistence of civilizations depends on multi-cultural and multi-ethnic open communication and peaceful interaction. The purpose of a multilingual Weibo is to build an interactive platform for friendly exchange among international friends.”

Since starting a Chinese Weibo in 2009, in 2011 he opened a further eight languages and now has 13 languages simultaneously releasing material, with a total number of followers surpassing 1 million. At the same time Longquan Temple’s traditional cultural website “The Voice of Longquan” is now in five different languages including Chinese, English, Korean, Japanese and Russian.

With the help of volunteers from home and abroad; they’ve opened a modern Weixin network platform with a multilingual Longquan international LQI, Longquan Temple Voice of Longquan and Longquan cartoon to allow people from around the world using different languages to have an opportunity to understand and study positive Buddhist Dharma and the excellent,traditional Chinese culture.

Italy is the historical ancient country of Europe and the birthplace of the Renaissance. Its influence once extended to the Mediterranean shores of Europe, Asia and Africa; it is end of the ancient Silk Road and an intersection point for the new era’s “One belt, one road”. Xue Cheng launching an Italian Weibo has created an opportunity religious culture exchange and dialogue between China and Italy, and has bridged the gap for two ancient civilizations looking for revival and dialogue.