China’s largest Tibetan Sutra-Printing House to build museum

Derge Parkhang, China’s largest Tibetan sutra-printing house, is situated in Derge County, part of the Tibet Autonomous Prefecture in Sichuan Province. The sutra-printing house will build a new engraving museum near the original site to meet local tourism needs and to protect non-inherited traditions. The museum will showcase every step of the engraved-printing process, including engraving of the printing plates, printing, and creation of Tibetan paper, etc., as well as storing the re-engraved 100 thousand word-edition of the Tibetan language Tripitaka and other new sutra editions from the Derge sutra-printing house. Derge Parkhang was first built in 1729, it is China’s largest Tibetan sutra-printing house with the biggest collection of printing plates.

Simulated photo for Derge Parkhang’s Engraved-Printing Museum

Overview of Derge Parkhang