Tibet Natural Science Museum expected to open this month

The Tibet Museum of Natural Science has already passed a number of inspections and is expected to officially open in mid-July, Tibet Business Daily reports.

In June 2008 the Tibet Museum of Natural Science formed a leading group and was formally established. Preparatory construction work and trial operation work took eight years and was successfully completed in October 2015. Currently, the museum has already completed final acceptance, exhibit work acceptance, transfer of professional equipment, training, fire inspection, project settlement and other work.

Tibet Museum of Natural Science is a public, large-scale, comprehensive museum with a total investment of 442.5 million yuan. There are three permanent exhibitions including a natural history museum, a science museum and an exhibition hall. The natural history museum consists mainly of four parts including the Earth summit, magical landscapes, miracle of life and ecological barrier. The science museum also consists of four parts including Tibetan wisdom, technological brilliance, wisdom park and a plateau experience.