Kangding to create health and leisure tour for visitors

On January 5th, Ruoji Village, part of Shiji Township in Kangding City of southwest China's Sichuan Province, is busy at work. Locals are renovating their homes to make their village the future tourist destination for visitors from Chengdu and Chongqing.

Shiji Town is part of eastern Kangding City and located 32 km away from downtown; the Dadu River passes through the area from north to south.

Because of Ruoji Village’s proximity to Dadu River, before the Ya’an-Kangding (Yakang) Highway was completed, many tourists already visited the region. “When the Yakang Highway was completed, more visitors have come, bringing opportunities for our village.” According to Yang Jiaying, the chief of Shiji Township, Ruoji Village grows over 60 kinds of fruits, and its winter is mild and pleasant, so the village will use the slogan of “Flowers in the Spring, fruits in the Summer, scenery in the Fall, and health in the Winter” to attract tourists with programs including fishing in Dadu River, fruit-picking, health and leisure tours, etc. The goal is to renovate houses into hotels and have them be ready by May of 2019.

When the Ruoji villagers talk about their hometown’s change, they’re really excited, because once their village become a demo village for countryside tourism, their lives will improve even more.