17 sites in NW China's Qinghai removed from poverty list

Seventeen counties and county-level districts in Northwest China's Qinghai province were officially removed from the list of national-level poverty-stricken counties, Xinhua News Agency reported on Tuesday.

So far, 539,000 residents in its 42 national-level impoverished counties and county-level districts have escaped poverty.

Previously, all 74 poverty-stricken counties in Tibet and all the 32 ethnic Tibetan counties in Southwest China's Sichuan province declared themselves out of poverty in December and February, respectively.

With the addition of Qianghai, all impoverished ethnic Tibetan areas across China have been lifted out of poverty, said news portal thepaper.cn.

As of April 11, all impoverished counties in 11 provincial-level areas have recovered, including Chongqing, the autonomous regions of Inner Mongolia and Tibet, the provinces of Hainan, Hebei, Heilongjiang, Henan, Hunan, Shaanxi, Shanxi and Jilin, according to CCTV News.

The remaining 52 countries in seven provinces will be relieved of poverty this year.