Qinghai-Tibet airline expressway to be created

Recently, Qinghai and Tibet jointly signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement for the development of air transport, creating the "Qinghai-Tibet Airline Expressway" to promote the civil aviation development on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau.

Wei Boping, general manager of the Qinghai Airport Company, said that both Qinghai and Tibet have rich tourism resources, sparsely populated land, and inconvenient ground transportation conditions, so it is of great significance to develop air transportation to improve traffic conditions and promote tourism Development. However, there are many problems such as insufficient market demand, few airworthy aircraft models, high operating costs, and lack of willingness from the airlines in the development of air transportation due to weak economic foundations, a single industrial structure, limitations of the plateau's natural environment,.

"In order to solve these development problems, we propose to implement strategic cooperation projects in the field of civil aviation in both provinces. The aim will be to focus on common development difficulties, concentrate superior resources from both provinces, share development experience, make up for development deficiencies, carry out complete cooperation in aspects such as capacity introduction, laying out the route network, constructing comprehensive transportation, and developing the passenger market. We will also jointly build the Qinghai-Tibet Airline Expressway, the Qinghai-Tibet Railway, and the Qinghai-Tibet Highway as an integrated, three-dimensional transportation network, which will provide strong transportation guarantees for improving people's livelihoods, developing tourism and industry, and opening up of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau," Wei Boping said.