Qinghai to construct modern pastureland model

Reporters were informed that Qinghai province in northwest China is currently constructing a modern Qinghai-Tibet Plateau pastureland model, which will be aimed at high-quality development in specialized ecological animal husbandry and major scientific and technological needs for rural revitalization.  

Qinghai is one of China’s four major pastoral regions, and animal husbandry is its mainstay industry. As of the end of 2017, there were 4.81 million yaks in Qinghai, accounting for one-third of the world’s yak population. In China, the province ranks first for yaks and is known as the “yak capital of the world”.  

The main features of Qinghai’s modern pastureland model consist of: a high-quality supply of forage grass and precise utilization of key technologies; eco-friendly production technology for organic animal products; managing modern pastureland resources and establishing a system of management; data collection of grassland products, tracing the source and manufacturing process of these products;construction in accordance with the pastureland area’s individual natural resource endowments and etc..