1.3 mln pax to be sent in Qinghai and Tibet 2017 Spring Festival

The Spring Festival travel rush of 2017 started on January 13th, which shall last for a period of 40 days.

Qinghai-Tibet Railway Company is expected to send a total of 1.3 million passengers, among which Lhasa Railway Station is expected to send 160 thousand passengers and Xining Railway Station to send 680 thousand passengers, daily sending a total of 32,500 passengers on average, an increase of 4.8% compared with that of last year.

Before the Spring Festival, the passenger flow mainly includes a high degree overlap of student flow, return flow and visiting flow, forming the Spring Festival passenger peak.

It is expected that on January 24th, Qinghai-Tibet Railway Company may send 42 thousand passengers. However, after the festival, passenger flow is relatively smooth, and the passenger flow peak is predicted to be on February 3rd and 13, which may send 45 thousand passengers and 40 thousand passengers respectively.

Closely centered on the target of "a safe, orderly and warm spring festival travel rush", Qinghai Tibet Railway Company launches the Spring Festival mode in advance, increases arrangement for transport capacity and accomplishes transport services well so as to create a safe and comfortable environment for passengers to travel.

Besides the daily 58.5 pairs of trains being operated currently, trains to Beijing, Chengdu, Golmud and other popular directions have been added carriages to increase transport capacity.