Qinghai Province adds two new highways

Ebao-Qilian Highway

Delingha-Xiangride Highway

Qinghai Province’s Delingha-Xiangride Highway has completed construction and is in use; the road is at a total of 176.48 km. The 72.75 km-long Ebao-Qilian Highway is also completed and in operation.

The Delingha-Xiangride Highway expansion project is part of the national highway project for Delingha to Maerkang in Sichuan(G0615). Located inside the Haixi Mongol and Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in the mid- to Northern part of Qinghai Province, the project’s ending point will connect with the planned Beijing-Tibet Highway (G6), and links to the start of the Xiangride-Huashixia Highway. The entire highway will be built to standard and designed for vehicle speed at 100 km/hr.

The Ebao-Qilian Highway is inside Qilian County of Qinghai Province. Starting in Ebao Town, it connects to National Road 227 and the expanding Zhangye-Henan Highway, and ends in Qilian County. The road also connects to Provincial Road 204 and the planned Qilian-Chamdo Highway.

The Delingha-Xiangride Highway has very complex geography along its route, and is dominated by desert, the Gobi Desert, saltmarsh, and water meadows. The project’s completion will create a combined transportation network featuring the Beijing-Tibet Highway (G6), National Road 214, the Qinghai-Tibet Railway, and the Qinghai-Xinjiang Railway, etc., as well as improving the highway network for Qinghai Province.