Tibetan movie base opens in NW China

A movie base, the largest in the Tibetan areas of western China, was opened in Qinghai Province on Friday. 

The Qiongqing Movie Base was established in Tongde County of Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Qinghai. The base will provide settings for movies, organize training and offer services in production of films, particularly those with Tibetan themes, said Sonam Rinchenga, manager of the base. 

Covering an area of 10,000 square meters, the movie base belongs to a private company, though the project was supported by the local county government. 

Within a 100-kilometer radius, movie-makers can find the varied landscapes of Mount Anyemaqen, Tongde Prairie, Madoi wetland and desert parks, all pristine scenery for photographers, said Sonam Rinchenga. 

"River," an award-winning movie by Tibetan director Sonthar Gyal in 2015, was shot on the Tongde Prairie. 

Tibetan movie-making has developed rapidly in the past few years and a growing number of young people are becoming interested in the industry. 

But most movie-making equipment needs to be brought in from Beijing or Shanghai, so base will help film-makers save costs, Sonam said. 

"I hope more movies on Tibetan culture, lives and stories will be produced," he said.