Traditional Horse Race held in Qinghai

Nearly100 riders from the Golog Tibetan autonomous prefecture went by their horses into the town of Golog to participate in the King Gesar Cultural Tourism Festival’s traditional horse racing.

According to what was reported, the Golog prefecture traditional horse race has been successfully held four times up until now and this would be the fifth one. Furthermore, this time the horse race has two portions, one is horse racing, and one is horse riding. The winner of the competition will get 10,000 yuan as a prize. Although the amount is not very much, it is enough to stimulate interest amongst the local herders. This also strengthens unity between people in the local area.

The Golog prefecture is in the south of Qinghai and is the birthplace area of the King Gesar culture. It is acclaimed as “the homeland of King Gesar culture”. The Ma Region King Gesar Cultural Tourism Festival started being held since 2002 and has been successfully held four times since. This time, horse racing is for the first time one of the focal projects of the festival.