Golog Airport officially starts for flights

The China Eastern Airlines Flight A319 smoothly landed in the Qinghai Golog Airport at 2:20 p.m. on July 1, marking that the Golog Airport is now opened for normal operations and flights, chinanews.com reported.

The Golog Airport is located 5.5 kilometers southeast of Dawu Township, Maqen County of Golog Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture. A total of 1.132 billion yuan (169.8 million US dollars)was invested into this 3,787.6-meter-high airport. It is the 6th highest airport in China and the 8th highest in the world. The runway is 3,800 long. The airport was designed for a future capacity transporting about 80,000 passengers by 2020, carrying over 200 tons of cargo and accommodating 940 planes landing and taking off.

The construction project started from August 29, 2013. Training flights started in March of this year and test flights were completed one month later. The airport passedd through final completion and acceptance this May.

The completion of this airport will significantly improve the local opening degree. It will push forward economic development powerfully and speed up construction of the Sanjiangyuan National Park.

After opening the Golog Airport, a Xining-Golog flight will be opened with one flight per day in the busy season, and four flights per week in the low season. The initial price of tickets will be 200 yuan (30 US dollars).