Tibetan calligraphy classes available at Gannan Tibetan Schools

"Compared to dancing and painting, I like calligraphy better. I take the Tibetan calligraphy classes every week," said Zhou Maoji, a 5th-grade Tibetan girl practicing writing Tibetan in a classroom at the Number Four Elementary School of Hezuo City, Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Gansu Province.

The Tibetan calligraphy extracurricular classes are attended by students from the 3rd to the 6th grade at the school. Currently, the class has 39 students, and they‘re taught for one hour every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon.

"The students at Number Four Elementary School are all Tibetan. Learning Tibetan calligraphy is good for promoting traditional culture and cultivating a sense of belonging," said Kalsang Tsering, a Tibetan calligraphy teacher.

In order to encourage the students’ practice of Tibetan calligraphy, the school provides them with free calligraphy paper and ink.