Couplet Culture Festival to be held in Zhouqu, Gansu

Zhougqu County in Gansu Province will hold its 4th Couplet Culture Festival from June 29 to July 2.

Events at the festival include: large-scale folk art performance, forum on Chinese traditional culture, and the launching ceremony of books on the County’s history, culture and folk arts. The 2017 Zhougqu International Food Festival will also be held.

Zhougqu, located by the Bailongjiang River in southern Gansu, has a reputation as “China’s Couplet Culture County”. It has a long history of Han and Tibetan folk music and dance, religious beliefs, and brilliant folk culture. Over the last five years, the county has welcomed 1.2615 million tourists, earning a comprehensive tourism income of 536 million yuan (78.5million USD).