Gansu: Torrential rains devastate Labrang monastery with flooding

On the afternoon of the 24th, a torrential rain-storm attacked Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Gansu Province, causing flooding within cities in Xiahe and Hezuo county amongst others.

A portion of local residents were forced to relocate. Traffic facilities were damaged and the well known Labrang monastery had about 100 rooms flooded. The influx of water collapsed many sections.

A significant area that water, electricity and underground pipes service in the Xiahe county were also damaged by this storm. 5,000 local residents were affected by the situation. More than 100 people were injured, yet luckily no one went missing and there were no fatalities.

A related authority stated that in the well known scenic area of Xiahe county at the Labrang monastery (one of the six head locations of the Gelugpa school clans) was seriously damaged.

The back side of the studies institute incurred a rockslide, and the large assembly plaza and parking lot were covered by 800 square meters of mud. According to initial statistics, the monk dormitory had about four hundred residences that were flooded, furthermore 150 dorms collapsed along with the courtyard wall.

Reports said in the morning of the 25th, in the disaster area near the Hezuo of Gannan, road base collapse occurred along the freeway forcing traffic to have to go around on the provincial highway 312.