Ancient Tea-Horse Road historical relics exhibition held in Gansu

The Ancient Tea-Horse Road historical relics ehibition jointly hosted by China's eight provinces and regions recently opened at the Gansu Provincial Museum, Xihaidushi Newspaper reported.

The exhibition displays 328 pieces of historical relics from Qinghai, Yunnan,  Sichuan, Shaanxi and Gansu provinces as well as Tibet, Guangxi Zhuang and Inner Mongolia autonomous regions, covering four sections including early civilization, the Han and Tang Ancient Road, the trade market of tea and horses, and flourishing trade.

Launched in Yunnan at the end of 2015, the exhibition was moved to Gansu and Sichuan later. It is the largest tour exhibition of the Ancient Tea-Horse Road historical relics in the country so far.

During the 3-month exhibition, 61 historical relics were exhibited from Qinghai Province, including silk, tea bricks, utensils, articles of the pastureland culture, Thangka and ethnic cultural products.

Dorje-ben, a staff member at the Historical Relics Protection Center of Qinghai Provincial Museum said that this exhibition demonstrated the link between the Ancient Tea-Horse Road and the pastureland Silk Road focused on nomadic people’s customs. It not only reflects the development and prosperity of the Ancient Tea-Horse Road, but also the tea culture in Qinghai.