Sports game at a special school in Tibet

On September 28th, a special school in the city of Lhasa witnessed visually impaired level-3 students enter the sports game arena for the first time.The children used all of their ability to demonstrate themselves in the various activities of the games. This year in May the city of Lhasa special education school founded in the year 2000 moved to the new location. 

It is the first institution of education established to engage the needs of special education students in Tibet. Inside of the school there can be found a visually impaired class, a deaf students class as well as a training classes. It has integrated the 9-year compulsory education system with Thangka, pastry, soft pottery and other occupation related specialty coursework and it is considered a comprehensive special education school. 

At present, the school has 70 teaching and administrative staff members as well as more than 180 handicapped students. The city of Lhasa Handicapped Union also established the school as the first sub-venue for the Lhasa City Handicapped People's Olympic Games (special olympics).