80% of Tibetan college entrance examination students are farmer children

A total of 23,976 students took the college entrance examination in Tibet Autonomous Region this year, of which 84% were children of farmers and herdsmen, Xinhua reported.

In recent years Tibet has formulated many favorable policies for children of farmers and herdsmen. In 2015 74.5% of them have been accepted by the colleges, indicating that more and more children of farmers and herdsmen are realizing their university dream.

19-year-old Tibetan girl Tsering Drolkar was born into a poor farmer family in Chamdo City, but thanks to the “Three Guarantees” policy she was able to successfully complete her studies. “After many days and nights of preparation, I am confident and will not let down my teachers and parents.”

Since 1985, based on free compulsory education, Tibet implemented the “Three Guarantees” policy for children of farmers and herdsmen, which guaranteed food, shelter and tuition fees. Currently, this covers the 15 years from pre-school up to high school and the standard has increased to 3,000 yuan (500 US dollars) per person per year, with 525,000 students benefitting from the scheme.