Tibet to popularize science museums in rural middle schools

Southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region will build more science and technology museums for rural middle schools in 2016 to promote science education, the regional association for science and technology said Friday.

Tibet launched a project in 2014 to build science museums in rural middle schools. Over the past two years, 58 such museums have been constructed and five mobile museums set up in the region, according to the association.

More will be built this year to ensure each of the region's 74 counties and districts will have at least one such museum, the association said.

Each rural science museum will be provided with 200,000 yuan (30,400 U.S. dollars) by the regional government. It will offer reading areas with about 1,000 science books, scientific exhibits, digital science and technology museums, student science displays and multimedia projectors.

They will help spread scientific and technological knowledge in the region's agricultural and pastoral areas while nurturing young people's interest for science, the association said.