Yunnan Diqing Tibet autonomous prefecture offers range of Tibetan courses

Tibetan language courses are now available to Diqing local students in the third grade or above, according to the education bureau of Yunnan Diqing Tibet autonomous prefecture.

Tibetan language courses are aimed at popularizing the Tibetan language among local students and helping them to gain a basic knowledge of the Tibetan language.

In recent years, Diqing has focused on constructing a comprehensive bilingual education system. Other than offering the traditional language course, the prefecture has made available courses such as Tibetan calligraphy, Tibetan arts and crafts, and Tibetan culture.

A teacher of the Tibetan ethnic group teaches a Tibetan language course to middle school students from Diqing on Oct 13. [Photo/]

Diqing students engage in a Tibetan language course.[Photo/]