A bowl of noodles to see the revitalization of the countryside

Damshung Family Collection—Thick Yak Bone Noodles (Jokhang Temple Store) is located in the ancient Barkhor Street in Lhasa, Tibet Autonomous Region.

Damshung refers to the name of the place the family is from, and "Collection" refers to the delicacies passed down from generation to generation in the family. Yak and highland barley are full of warm memories for people living on the snowy plateau.

"Tibet is the place where I was born and nurtured. I moved around the nation a few years ago, but I can't forget the cuisine of Tibet." said Liu Dengming, the person in charge of the brand. "Yak beef that have been identified" and the local highland barley, the purpose is to restore the most authentic taste of Tibet. "Damshung Family Collection” uses the brand as a window to spread the yak culture and food culture while building a landmark food brand in Tibet.

In order to better serve the employment of local college students and increase the income of farmers and herdsmen, the Damshung Family Collection Project will give priority to providing jobs for local farmers, herdsmen, and college students in Damshung County. Using order-based animal husbandry, we will purchase yak meat from Damshung farmers and herdsmen, so as to better help farmers and herdsmen increase their income.