Tibet digitizes nearly 6TB of ancient documents

Southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region has established a 5.94-TB database of ancient Tibetan documents and literature, with nearly 6,000 ancient books surveyed and registered in 2019, local authorities said.

The database construction in the region aims to further protect and utilize the old documents.

For many years, Tibet has faced difficulties in conserving and utilizing its ancient books, with most scattered throughout more than 1,300 temples.

In 2009, Tibet started to comprehensively protect its ancient books. So far, it has surveyed and registered more than 18,000 old documents, which has laid a solid foundation for the database construction.

"The construction of the database of ancient Tibetan books and literature collected in Tibet's libraries will be completed soon and they will be accessible to the public," said Penpa Tsering, deputy head of the regional ancient book protection center.