A protector of Tibetan folk proverbs

Gesenma was a teacher who has retired from the school and is living in Lhasa since 2005. He always go to the teahouse at Balangxue alley to drink sweet tea and talk about Tibetan folk proverbs to his fans.

"If mouth wants to eat, hands must be to toil", "If you do not work hard, there will be no sweet food", Gesenma said. He drank a cup of sweet tea and then went on," Lazy will breeds disease, and hard work will enhances our ability", and "If you wipe the light too much, you will rub the gold Buddha into brass." He said that he does know more than 2,000 Tibetan folk proverbs. In Lhasa, Gesenma is famous as the man who is knowledgeable about Tibetan proverb.

"When I was young, I did grazing with adults just like other children in the pastoral area. At the leisure time, adults often told the story of "King Gesar" and folk proverbs to me. Since then, I have been interested in proverbs." He plans to record the Tibetan proverbs permanently in the future by publishing a book.

"Labor is the right hand and saving is the left hand of happy life. You'd better finish it", when the reporter is preparing to leave, Gesenma pointed to the leftover of the cup of sweet tea and said.

Tibetan proverbs consist of a wealth of production knowledge and life experience and involve all areas of social life. The most significant and extensive part of Tibetan proverbs is about philosophy and moral cultivation, the part of which also has a certain value and educational implication. It should be valued and permanently conserved, as Gesenma proposed.