Retraces Ancient Tang-Tubo Trail kicks off

"Retraces Ancient Tang-Tubo Trail" activity of Spectacular Views (Jin Cai Shi Jie), one travel program of CCTV, was launched on November 5th in the ancient city of Xi'an, capital of Tang Dynasty.

The event aims to reveal the splendid cultural and travel resources on the ancient Tang-Tubo Trail, promote the people to people and cultural exchange, and tourism cooperation, and build the "Golden travel line of the ancient Tang-Tubo Trail ".          

With the theme of Ancient Tang-Tubo Trail, by the modern way of self-driving tours, the event's mainline of is to trail the Princess Wencheng and retrace Ancient Tang-Tubo Trail, with the sub line of dialogue between ancient and modern by time-travel. It is committed to reshow the legendary history, folklore, culture, and sights along the trail.             

The event seeks to promote the friendly cooperative spirit of the Silk Road, revive history, further collaborate, and push ahead development. It is to reflect the ecological, cultural, and tourism development along the Ancient Tang-Tubo Trail, promote the interaction, cultural exchange, and tourism partnerships among residents along the trail.     

The Ancient Tang-Tubo Trail is a famous and vital route in ancient Chinese history. Ever since the Tang Dynasty, it was the only way to reach Qinghai, Tibet, and beyond, to countries like Nepal and India from inner China.

The trail starts from Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, passes Gansu, Qinghai to Lhasa, Tibet, with the total length of over 3,000 km.

The journey encompasses the entire western region of China and crosses the Qinghai Plateau to reach China's neighbors on the southwest, earning the name of "the Southern Silk Road".