Tibetan ethnic styles become selling points

"Due to the good policies of the state and province, we are able to get the subsidy to improve our house and participate in a tourist training for free,” said Dorje Rintso, the boss of one of the “Tibetan farm stay” of Garze Autonomous Prefecture.

Thanks to the tourist enrichment policy, his household income is now more than 50,000 yuan. Dorje Rintso is one of so many farmers and herdsmen who become rich by tourism in the Tibetan-inhabited areas of Sichuan.  

"With the abundant tourist resources in Tibetan-inhabited areas, facing the fine view, we should do something to get rid of poverty," said Drongme Nyima, the owner of Yading Zhongmei Hotel in Daocheng Yading scenic spot of Shangri-la.

"The four-storey hotel has been very popular since opening. This hotel also created jobs for the low income families nearby,"  he added.   

In the Yading village, the highly favored by tourists, Rintsan Dromo, 32 year-old, opened the “Tibetan farm stay” of 10 guest rooms, received more than 2,000 tourists last year, and had over 300,000 yuan income, reaching a moderate level of prosperity.  

Tourists from all directions pour continuously in Que'er village, Bamay town, Dawu County, Garze Autonomous Prefecture, in summer.

In the past three years, this small village has taken advantage of the rapid development of tourism. 85 of the 144 herder/farmer households have opened such inns. The average household income is added by about 20,000 yuan. Thus the village has become a little bit famous village on the tourism ring of western Sichuan.