Tibet build intellectual property storehouse of Tibetan culture

Lobsang and Dolma, the intellectual property rights champions within animation and comics in Tibetan culture, got a lot of attention, as the contracted project of the trade and investment promotion, the third Tibet Tourism and Culture Expo.   

Lobsang and Dolma,  received over 1 billion investment for further development. This project will include 1,000 cartoon books and hand painted books, a cartoon series Exploring the Mystery with 1300 episodes and 50 three-dimension animated movies, as well as 2000 derivative products, Li Suping, President of the Animation & Comic Association of the Tibet Autonomous Region told the reporter.

This project will be operated through a combination of equity-based crowd funding, project partnership as well as venture investment. After its completion, the project will continue to generate economic returns that amount to more than 10 billion, and it will become the top brand of animation and comics in the Tibetan culture in the world, and yield good social returns.        

 "In order to build super intellectual property amongst animation and comics related to Tibetan culture, we are striving to build content based around Lobsang and Dolma, the two cartoon characters chosen from the book China Tibet in Cartoon. I think that the super IP must have cultural connotations and definite brand effect.

Lobsang means kindness, and Dolma, a fairy, is the embodiment of beauty. Kindness and beauty are the essence of Tibetan culture. All Tibetan culture can be interpreted by Lobsang and Dolma," said Li Suping.