Museum of Tibet adds 32 Tibetan calligraphy works

On the morning of October 11th, a donation ceremony of Tibetan calligraphy works by Gemang Jampel was held at the Museum of Tibet and all of the 32 calligraphy works became its permanent collections.         

Gemang Jampel's donated Tibetan calligraphy works are named the Yangsa Series, with a total of 32 pieces. The contents include 30 consonant characters and 4 vowel characters of Tibetan script in Wujin font.  

Gemang Jampel's one-man show of calligraphy works has attracted more than 50,000 people since its on-show two months ago, which helped deepen many people's understanding of Tibetan calligraphy and culture, and brought good social benefits.  

The donation has enriched the collection number and improved the holding system of the museum, said Tamdrin, curator of Museum of Tibet, at the ceremony. 

“The consonants and vowels of Tibetan language are the fountainhead of Tibetan calligraphy art and even Tibetan culture,” said Gemang Jampel. In order to let more people understand the broad and profound Tibetan calligraphy art, the museum is the best home to return to for these pieces, he said.