Tibetan artists' works shown at the National Museum

Thangka artist Ngawang's work King Gesar was collected by the National Museum.

On October 10th, the bi-annual “China Contemporary Industrial Arts Show” was held in Beijing at the National Museum of China. Art work from over 20 artists, including the Thangka artist Ngawang, were collected by the museum.

This is the third time the “China Contemporary Industrial Arts Show” has been held at the National Museum of China. The show combines prestigious art work from all disciplines of industrial arts.

At this show, the museum gathered many national-level artists, national intangible culture inheritors, young and middle-aged artists, and displayed 24 pieces of art from 21 artists in materials such as jade and stone, bamboo, lacquer, metal, embroidery, ceramics, and Thangka, etc., demonstrating the highest level of contemporary art in China.

The 49-year-old Ngawang is from Lhasa, TAR. He is the only Tibetan artist chosen for this exhibition. His creation, King Gesar, will be on permanent display at the National Museum of China. On his first trip to Beijing, he finds everything exciting. Ngawang said that he has worked on Thangka art for more than 30 years, and he is very honored to have his work collected by the National Museum. He hopes more people will be able to enjoy his work.