The Aba police initiate high interest in Tibetan

Since the beginning of 2016 the Aba County Police Bureau has maintained the conducting of educational activities for police from outside of Tibet who work there but do not understand Tibetan language and customs as well as have great difficulties communicating with local Tibetans. Engaging in these activities the police will build a bridge with the Tibetans.

Aba sub-province is the second largest Tibetan area in Sichuan province and amongst of which the counties of Aba, Ruoer gai, Hongyuan and Rangtang account for the vast majority of the overall Tibetan population dwelling there. “If you are not able to speak Tibetan, then it is really not possible to do police work here.” A statement from a local police by the name of Song Fei said with affirmation.

Song Fei forced himself to start learning Tibetan language from the most-simple daily speech. After 3 years, Song Fei learned to speak the language fluently and became a good friend of the Tibetan herders.

Along with an increase in outside police learning of Tibetan language at related camps an overall enthusiasm for the language has developed in the locale. The local agencies have presented related proposals to stimulate police study of Tibetan language and compile learning materials. In this way they effort to stimulate learning of Tibetan by police of other mother tongues and simultaneously do the same to encourage local Tibetan police that don’t speak Chinese to learn it more thoroughly and thereby stimulate their studying together and learning from each other.