Qinghai’s Chaka Salt Lake scenic spot opens

On March 2, reporters learned from the Qinghai Chaka Salt Lake Cultural Tourism Development Co., Ltd. that the scenic spot is scheduled to officially open on March 2 to welcome tourists. In 2021, tourists for Chaka Salt Lake scenic spot should take online booking for ticket purchases.  

In order to provide tourists with a better travel experience, the Chaka Salt Lake scenic spot has been under construction since the winter of 2020. As of February 28, the construction project has been basically completed. After the park opens on March 3, the Chaka Salt Lake Scenic Area, sightseeing track trains, sightseeing battery cars, sightseeing towers, and other experience projects will be restored. The Qingyan No. 1 Hotel in the scenic spot will also begin to receive tourists.  

According to epidemic prevention and control requirements, tourists entering Chaka Salt Lake Scenic Area this year must hold their valid ID cards, green “health codes”, and a successful appointment, have access after having temperature checked, and wear masks throughout tour.