Flight route from Xi'an to Ngari opens

The flight route from Xi'an, capital city of northwest China's Shaanxi Province to Ngari Prefecture in southwest China's Tibet autonomous region was officially opened as the flight TV6017 landed safely on the prefecture's Gunsa Airport on Oct. 29.

It is reported that the region's Tibet Airlines will fly the route and there is one flight from and to Xi'an each day, with flight took off from Xi'an on 6 am and arrived in Nagri via Lhasa on 12:30 at the noon, then departed from Ngari on 1:10 pm arriving in Xi'an on 9:45 pm via Lhasa.

As the flight launched, time taking for the near 3,800 kilometers journey between the two places will be shorted to 6 hours, and it will also reduce the cost of logistics and improve Ngari's transportation conditions, facilitating its economic, trade and cultural exchange with the outside world.